What to Consider

What are the elements to consider when retaining a company to assist you with your service-connected claim?

  • Accuracy

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Dependability
  • Accessibility

Yes! Of course, all these things are important. But HONESTY should be the driving force. Therefore, we at Veterans Voice USA do not believe we should be your first stop in your claims process. While you can certainly file a Nexus statement with your original claim, it may not be necessary. Veterans Voice USA advises you exhaust all options available to you at no charge before investing in an Independent Medical Evaluation and Nexus Statement.

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The Process

After receiving your file (service treatment records, private physician records, diagnostic studies, DD214, line of duty injuries) records will be reviewed and you TELL YOUR STORY.

Typically, you will have already attended a Compensation & Pension examination ordered by the VA and perhaps did not feel you were able to tell your story.

At times, an actual examination may be required and will be completed according to VA standards. These examinations may be completed in-person or online depending on the claimed condition.

Veterans Voice USA will honestly advise you after medical records review if we believe we can help you achieve your goal.

Veterans Voice USA will not fabricate diagnosis.

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Nexus Statement

A nexus letter, or independent medical opinion, is a document created by a medical professional for a Veteran. The purpose of the nexus letter is to connect an in-service event or illness to the current condition for which a Veteran is seeking service-connected compensation. Although not required, nexus letters can be submitted with a Veteran’s initial claim or during claims development. However, they are most beneficial following a negative Compensation & Pension exam when the Veteran’s Benefit Administration (VBA) concludes there is no evidence between the claimed condition and military service. Veterans can request a nexus letter from their private physician, but not all nexus letters are given the same weight or probative value by the VBA. It is important to adhere to the required VBA verbiage for a nexus letter to be considered valid. In general, private physicians are unaware of these and other parameters and while well intended, these nexus statements fall short of the requirements.

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Completion of DBQ
(Disability Benefits Questionnaire)

After review of your medical records it may be necessary to perform a physical exam for the completion of a DBQ. Our staff at Veterans Voice USA has completed thousands of DBQs and are very familiar with the requirements in a physical exam as well as documentation of that exam. We promise your case will be handled by a compassionate provider who is on your side, and completes a thorough examination.

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The Veteran’s Administration is the only agency that can make the decision regarding service connections and increases. Although results can never be guaranteed, our goal is to help you walk through a sometimes complicated and confusing system. We are committed to helping you obtain the benefits you deserve in an honest, straight forward manner. We promise to give 100% effort for your cause.

Your service to our great nation is commendable and appreciated.  The team here at Veterans Voice USA thanks you.



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Gail Gray

Master Degree Physician Assistant

Providing Medical records Review and Medical Examinations and Writing Nexus Statements

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

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“As a combat veteran I, like many others, are plagued with Agent Orange related diseases, and various other service-related conditions. I have ischemic heart disease and in 2012, open heart surgery. A Veterans Voice USA disability claims consultant helped me navigate the myriad claim forms necessary to open a new claim and increase my benefits. But their services go beyond claim forms. You can request an attorney, claims agent, or VSO rep on the VA web site, but the Veterans Voice USA claims consultant goes way beyond the web site services provided by asking intuitive questions, that years of training and helping other veterans, will lead to the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. I highly recommend Veterans Voice USA. Get the maximum benefits you deserve.”

Jesse Valdez, E6

Combat Veteran

“Very rarely do I write reviews. In fact, I’ve probably written less than five in my 60 (+) years of life. However, after seeking the assistance of Veteran’s Voice USA and working with Gail, I felt compelled to write a 5 Star Review. I cannot speak highly enough about the customer service and support provided in support of my VA claim. Veteran’s Voice USA is a must use resource for disabled veterans!

Right from the beginning, I was impressed with the response time to my initial inquiry seeking assistance. I was told upfront what was needed from me, when the work would begin, and the cost. The finished product was extremely professional and most certainly will aid in my claim. Perhaps even more beneficial was the advice and insight provided by Gail regarding other information that could potentially make my claim stronger.

In words we veterans understand, there is a decided “tactical advantage” if you can weight things in your favor before beginning an operation. The experience, insights, and supporting documentation provided by Gail and her company is that advantage. I strongly recommend using Veteran’s Voice USA. In doing so you will control the high ground in your operations against the VA.”

David Rudock

MAJ, US Army (RET)

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