Gail Gray

My name is Gail Gray, I am a local healthcare provider (Master Degree Physician Assistant) with 7+ years experience in completing Compensation & Pension exams along with writing well documented and supported Medical Opinions/Nexus Statements. Initially trained in Compensation & Pension claims at  the Tampa VAMC, I then moved to LHI (Logistics Health Incorporated) as an Independent  Contractor in 2016. I have completed 1000s of Disability Benefits Questionnaires and many more Medical Opinions/Nexus Statements. I am very familiar with the internal working of the VA Compensation & Pension system.

While there is an abundance of companies that claim to offer Veteran’s assistance with filing claims and/or completing Disability Benefits Questionnaires, I believe I have a unique perspective. Because of my experience I am able to complete examinations according to the VA specifications. I also know what a Veteran Service Representative is looking for in a Nexus Statement, how to adequately support a positive statement, and the correct verbiage to use when composing a Nexus statement.

I  provide Medical Records review, Medical examinations both in-person or online, and most importantly write Nexus statements that are well supported with peer reviewed medical literature.

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“As a combat veteran I, like many others, are plagued with Agent Orange related diseases, and various other service-related conditions. I have ischemic heart disease and in 2012, open heart surgery. A Veterans Voice USA disability claims consultant helped me navigate the myriad claim forms necessary to open a new claim and increase my benefits. But their services go beyond claim forms. You can request an attorney, claims agent, or VSO rep on the VA web site, but the Veterans Voice USA claims consultant goes way beyond the web site services provided by asking intuitive questions, that years of training and helping other veterans, will lead to the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. I highly recommend Veterans Voice USA. Get the maximum benefits you deserve.”

Jesse Valdez, E6

Combat Veteran

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